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All about your 360° feedback

Welcome to your personal development process!

The 360° feedback provides you with a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into your professional development. By participating in this feedback, you will not only receive a comprehensive assessment of your skills, but also constructive feedback from a variety of perspectives. On this page you can read about how the process works, what you can expect and what the next steps will be.

We are here to guide you through this development process and ensure that you get the most out of your 360° feedback.

What is the overall process of a 360° feedback?

  1. To enhance the effectiveness of the 360-Degree feedback, a framework for the online questionnaire has been devised to represent the TDK Leadership Competencies.
  2. The questionnaire includes a self-assessment of the participant as well as assessing the perspectives of several selected groups of feedback providers (line manager, employees, peers and stakeholders).
  3. Following the completion of the 360° feedback by all stakeholders, a report is generated. This report anonymizes and consolidates the feedback received from each group, facilitating comparisons between them.
  4. In an individual coaching session, the results are discussed with an experienced coach. This session not only delves into the findings but also explores the next steps for your personal development.
You can find detailed information in the FAQ

Benefits of 360° feedback

  • Receive individual behavioral feedback from different stakeholders.
  • With regards to work-related competences, reflect on your personal strengths and development areas (e.g. leadership, collaboration etc.)
  • Define the most impactful factors to strengthen collaboration with your stakeholders
  • Derive specific next steps to drive your personal development forward
  • Foster a company culture of learning and personal growth

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