Samira Babic

Samira Babic


+49 405 229 917 - 12
+49 405 229 917 - 29


Diploma in educational science (Bielefeld, Granada)

Master of Science economic psychology (Munich)


GPOP – Golden Profiler of Personality

Since 04/2013 B. Sc. Psychology Fernuniversität Hagen

Since 09/2014 M. Sc. Business Psychology FOM Fachhochschule für Ökonomie und Management

Qualified as an assessor for analyzing competence profiles


Since 2010 employee at MES (process management, project and conceptual work)  

Since 2011/2012 working as a consultant for MES GmbH

Campus of Excellence Company scholarship: Conception of a project to develop young executives

Student business consultancy: Experiences in Leadership and project work


Employee and management development (conception and moderation of e.g. Development center, workshop and training)

Human resources Recruitment (conception and moderation of e.g. Assessment center, Potential analysis; Individual- and Group Assessments)

Assessment, training and consulting in the following areas:

  • Leadership competence, including strategic & operational leadership, delegation, conflict, and motivation
  • Personal competence, including presentation and interviewing
  • Social competence, including communication, speaking and listening skills, moderation, and team skills

Emotional intelligence in assessment centers and training using interviews, behavioral observation MBTI, BIP (Bochumer Inventar zur berufsbezogenen Persönlichkeitsbeschreibung) and Insights as supporting resources.


Development and accomplishment of training units to optimize internal processes and instruments of human resource management (and selection)

Conception and moderation of development center for experts, management and internationals

Development and accomplishment of training units for Leadership and Change Management (preparing for severance meetings, supporting the leaders in their responsibilities)

Accomplishment of training units for Leadership in teams

Conception and accomplishment of an individual Assessment for branch manager

Conception and accomplishment of potential analysis for managers, also assessing emotional intelligence capabilities in management recruitment in this context (contact skills, empathy etc.)