Change Management: Different Step by Step

How can we help our customers achieve their strategic HR goals?

In a time impacted by continuous change, companies and their employees face daily changes that have to be managed effectively. Especially the area of HR has been profoundly impacted by change.

This is why MES°°° supports its customers (currently only in Europe) in the introduction of new leadership instruments. Training and development programs are the basis for the skills required to deal with the constantly changing challenges your company will face in the future.

We are change experts for your personnel. If the issue is a technical or strategic restructuring of the organization or a product segment, then we are not the right partner. However: Everywhere, where change impacts the personnel at your company and where employees need to adjust their competencies and patterns to meet changing conditions and continue to achieve their goals, is where we are ready to help you.

MES°°° can support you through the following change processes:

  • Introducing new leadership instruments
  • Establishing a standardized personnel-selection process
  • Planning and carrying out down-sizing
  • Motivational support for employees during a strategic restructuring


Our methods can be divided into three areas:

The Individual

  • Coaching
  • Orientation Days


The Team

  • Team Building
  • Agreement and Adjustment Workshops


The Company

  • Management Audit
  • Process Design and Support
  • Development of Leadership Guidelines

MES°°° will help you find the right way to approach change. In a pragmatic and psychologically meaningful way, you can initiate, communicate and train for change – and thus anchor an effective approach to change management in the hearts and minds of your leaders and employees.