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Personnel selection - Right from the start

Besides expert knowledge, social skills and the engagement of potential employees are important factors in a selection process – and in addition, of course: How do they fit your company culture?  
In the personnel selection of high potentials, trainees and the key people in your organization right up to the top leadership roles: we support you with the right tools to find the right people for the future. Our methodological tools are varied and a systematic diagnostic approach is always at the core of our work.
Thus you get a clear picture of how the job candidate will approach the tasks and challenges of a new position. Because in order to recognize individual development needs in advance, a professional evaluation is a key to success.

We build solutions for your organization based on standard instruments as well as custom solutions designed for your needs:

  • Interviews
  • Case Studies
  • Simulations of Conversations and Meetings
  • Tests
  • Audits
  • Potential Analysis

One thing we always remember: we look at the employee is a whole person. When the person fits the task, then their qualifications, competencies and abilities are really of value to your organization.

Extensive experience and solid qualifications are the signs of the professional personnel diagnostic skills that are a core competence at MES°°°