Leadership Development – We know how!

How do we integrate individual paths into a systematic personnel development in an organization?

The important factors for good leadership are built on a number of elements: the personal style of the leader, the personality of the employee, the company culture, the market situation, as well as the special circumstances of the services and products offered. When they are combined perfectly, they lead to the desired results.
Aspects, that by contrast can produce disharmony, include lack of clarity in roles, inadequate situational leadership, unclear feedback or uncertainty in decision-making.

What is clearly the most important characteristic of good leaders, is the ability to adjust behavior appropriately for the current circumstances. At the same time leaders must be seen as authentic by those around them and able to act reliably. Also highly desired in leaders are an individual leadership style, self-confidence in decision making, resilience and motivation – in short: excellent competence in multiple areas.

To diagnose and develop leadership competency we use the following methods:

  • Trainings with a focus on exercises and feedback (behavior and personality oriented)
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Case-focused Consulting
  • Project Learning
  • Team Development
  • Questionnaires and Tests (including MBTI, and Insights)

MES°°° builds strong leaders and teams for the future. The coming challenges require an entrepreneurial „orchestration“.