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MES°°° also works for several German clients all over the world! We train and assess for our clients in various European countries as well as in Russia, Asia (India, China, and Japan) plus in the USA and Brazil.

To live up to our quality standards, our values, and our professionalism outside of Germany as well, we focus on slightly other contents in the international context: Here, MES°°° centres upon the evaluation of potential/Diagnostics (People) and upon leadership development (Development). Because of intense intercultural influences in the context of change management processes (Systems), we do not focus this topic in our international projects.

To better support our clients locally with our services, we also expand our net of international cooperation continuously. Our partnerships develop and mature over the years, as it is very important to us to know each other. In addition, this ensures that we are able to evaluate the quality of the other´s work reciprocally.

Our cooperation partner in the USA, who specifically is available for leadership development and as an executive coach:

Stefan Matthies, Senior Coach (DBVC), matthies international LLC,